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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ancient Bead Necklace 1st Millennium BC to 20th century AD, CENTRAL & SE ASIA

Provenance: ex Christies Antiquities Auctions, Melbourne
Circa: First Millenium BC to 20th Century AD
Age: Approx. Differing ages but span from 3,000 years old to modern times.
Size: 50 cm long
Condition: Excellent

This incredibly beautiful and evocative necklace is composed of beads that span over 3,000 years of human history.

The beads themselves have been strung together on cotton with modern Afghani Gold spacer beads and clasp fittings.

The beads are as follows:
Smallest: Coloured Iron Age glass beads, Ban Chiang Thailand circa 1000-800 BC
Next: Large Faceted Agate Beads,circa 19th century Afghanistan
Next: large Islamic Glass beads in a blood red hue, 10th-12th century Persia
Next (Largest): Ancient amber beads measuring aprox 3.8cm across with insect and plant inclusions traded in from the Baltic to central Asia circa 450 AD - 800AD

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