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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Medicine & Kadaicha Man's Kit of Sacred & Everyday Objects circa 1930s-1950s Wongi Tribe, Warburton Ranges, Western Australia

This is a group of items that would have been used by the nomadic Australian Aboriginal People in arid Australia.   

This is desert country so the people had to be very innovative in what they used and how they used it.  

Only a few items could be carried as they travelled long distances by foot.  

This group of objects was put together in 1940-41 and include
  • A fire stick which is deliberately split so light kindling can be put in it.  A  boomerang would have been rubbed hard across the stick to create heat and friction and start a fire.
  • Spinifex resin from the Warburton Ranges used to fix speartips to shafts, handles on tools and repairs
  • A ball of human hair string used for body adornment objects,  making rings to balance a coolamon, kadaitchia shoes etc
  • A wooden implement , unsure of its use
  • a block of tree resin or beeswax used for repair work to objects
  • A boys wind toy with the note saying " Boys wind propeller made from gum leaf and charcoal lines, held on twig in the wind to spin quickly"
  • Rare possum fur sting used for ceremonial objects.  Kept in a glass container
  • Marsupial fur with the note " Marsupial totem Golden Mole skin .  In Central Australia they have ceremonies to do with animals"
  • Group of echidna quills used in body adornment items and barbs on spears.
These objects are 'mens business' and will not be handled by me (a woman). These will only be handled and cared for by my Aboriginal grandson a young man from the Durrag Mob (Western Sydney) such is our deep respect for the peoples of the First Nation Peoples of this land.

If you need reminding, Aboriginal people are the survivors of oldest continuous civilization in the world. Far out-dating most sites in Europe, this is their country. They have been here for 45,000 + years.

Further Reference:,_1957/overview_of_the_warburton_ranges_controversy

Stone War Club with Possum Gut Fibre and Hardwood Handle circa 1900's Central Highlands Papua New Guinea

Monday, December 15, 2014

Shell Specimen (rare): Cypraea Rottnestensis Exmouthensis

Common Group: Cowries
Specimen Grade: F+++
Size: 33.1 mm